What is Lead Manager?

  • Lead Manager is a centralized leads platform developed by Allstate, exclusively for Allstate agents, and is here to help your agency work your leads.


  • The goal of this tool is to help agencies make contact with consumers by identifying the highest value conversations for relationship initiation. 


  • Your feedback is critical for the success of this tool and to create a strategic solution for lead and activity management with YOUR preferences in mind.


How does Lead Manager help you?

  • The Lead Manager tool has key components to help you with your prospecting initiatives
    • Consolidates leads across multiple sources
    • Provides your agency with data to have personalized conversations 
    • Offers workflows to follow up with your leads
    • Integrates with other Allstate systems(e.g TaG)
  • Lead manager is the only fully compliant solution
    • Leads are automatically scrubbed weekly to help you avoid violations and fines
  • The tool provides the best eAgent integration



Key Capabilities

  • Centralized leads database  One database with scrubbed, workable data to manage leads
  • Continuous compliance scrubbing  – Leads are automatically scrubbed upon entry and again each week to help you avoid costly violations and fines
  • Agency / regional leads integration – Ability for agents to add their own leads and the ability for regions to upload existing lists to the consolidated platform
  • Integrated automated workflows  Integrated workflows to help with agency efficiency and cohesion with other tools (e.g., eAgent)
  • Lead outreach analysis – Feedback loops with results incorporated from outreach to better inform future scores and prioritization, provided on an ongoing basis