What is Lead Manager? How does it help me? How is it different from other platforms?

Lead Manager is a centralized leads platform developed by Allstate, exclusively for Allstate agents, and is here to help your agency work your leads. Automatic compliance scrubbing (at entry and weekly), automated workflows, and lead hygiene (appending of additional information) are all features that are incorporated into the tool to help your agency operate in a more efficient manner. Lead Manager is integrated with Blueprint, so your leads automatically populate in LM. It is also integrated with eAgent to allow you to transfer leads into that platform at a milestone of your choosing.

If I don't currently have Lead Manager, how can I enroll and when?

Agency owners can enroll in Lead Manager during the monthly ongoing Blueprint enrollment periods.

What if I am locked into a contract with another lead management system?

Lead Manager will be the single lead delivery platform for the Centralized Lead Distribution Program. Agencies are encouraged to transition lead details and processes as soon as possible.

How do I access Lead Manager?

After enrolling for the program, you can access Lead Manager using this URL: www.AllstateLeadManager.com. If you do not have an account please contact MarketingStorefront@allstate.com.

How do I log in for the first time?

If you’re the agency owner, once your account has been created, click on reset password on the log in page. Your username will be your agent ID and your email is that same agencyid@allstate.com. If you’re an LSP, your agency owner will need to create a log in for you. Ask them for your username and temporary password.

I forgot my password. How do I log in?

If you forget your password, use the “Reset Password?” button on the Lead Manager log in page. You will be prompted to enter your Username and Email Address. If you are the agency principle, your username is your agent ID, starting with the “A”. You should use the corresponding email.

How soon after I enroll in Lead Manager will I have access to it?

After completing Blueprint enrollment, agency owners will be onboarded to Lead Manager within 10 to 14 business days. The onboarding process will include a welcome email with account resources to set up the account, onboard producers and begin working leads. Once an agency has completed the education sessions, the agency owner will be able to validate their account usage by demonstrating that leads are being assigned and worked in the platform.

If I am a new Lead Manager user, when will I start receiving leads?

Once the Lead Manager account is set up, it takes about two weeks for direct mail follow-up lists (e.g., cross-sell, national requote and win-back) to start loading into your account. Once your Lead Manager account is validated you can begin to receive Centralized Lead Distribution Program leads

How do I validate my Lead Manager account?

To validate your Lead Manager account, you only need to take the following two steps:

Once the two steps above have been completed, your validation will be reviewed by the following Monday.

How can I find if I am validated?

To determine your validation status, please review the following steps:

  • Visit www.allstateleadmanager.com
  • On the top menu bar, select Resources and choose Account Status & Metrics.
  • Under the Achievements section, you will see a golden badge if you are validated, and a grayed-out badge if you are not validated.
    • Hovering over the gray badge will show you what items are missing to become validated.

How soon after I validate will I begin to receive leads?

Based on your enrollment date you should see a follow up lead list within the first month of the quarter you enrolled for.  If you are enrolled in internet leads or live call transfer leads you need to configure your Lead Manager account to receive these leads; once these steps are completed, you can expect web leads as early as that same day.

I'm new to Lead Manager and I have multiple agency locations and agent IDs. I know I can elect to setup Lead Manager accounts for each location or I can create one Lead Manager account to receive and combine leads from multiple locations. What should I do

Most agents with multiple locations have elected to combine agent IDs into a single Lead Manager account.  Here are pros and cons for setting up your multiple locations in a combined or separated accounts:


Combined Lead Manager Account (Multiple IDs feeding into a single account)



  • Staff can be shared across locations without logging into and out of separate Lead Manager accounts throughout the day
  • Setting up and maintaining processes in a single account is simpler than creating duplicative workflows, quick actions, folders, emails, and vendor connections in multiple accounts
  • Weekly or Daily reporting on Leads and Staff (available via email from Lead Manager) provides a unified report and view of your agencies’ activities


  • Leads are not displayed by agency ID or association with any particular location
  • Email signatures from within Lead Manager will display the location of only the agency specified in the ‘My Company’ setup page
  • Each account receives two free seats for the calendar year, so combining Agency IDs into a single account may result in the need to purchase more seats than keeping the agencies separated into multiple accounts. The cost per additional seat for Lead Manager is $25 per month


Separate Lead Manager Accounts (Managing each ID from separate Lead Manager accounts)



  • Each Agency location will receive, and work leads associated only with that location
  • Each Lead Manager account will come with two free seats for the calendar year, possibly providing additional savings to the agent


  • Sharing staff across locations/accounts requires each user to have a seat in each account. So, if an Agent has four producers working for them in two locations (two at each location) and wants all producers to work leads from both locations, it is more expensive to have two accounts.  Each account would require four seats, one for each producer, and ultimately cost double the expense of having four seats in a combined account
  • Account setup and process creation needs to be completed and maintained for each account, increasing time spent managing the platform’s design and function.

How do I merge multiple Lead Manager Accounts?

To merge multiple accounts, please email support@leadmanagementlab.com to request the merge. Please identify the agent ID that you want to make the primary account and request the other secondary IDs to roll into the primary account.


Purchasing a book?

If you are purchasing a book with an existing Lead Manager account and would like access into that account, please send an email to support@leadmanagementlab.com with the below details:

  • Seller’s agency ID
  • Your new agency ID
  • An email from the seller giving permission for you to access their account

We will merge your new ID into this existing account. This will let you access all current leads but still let you get any new leads associated with your new id.

If I choose to convert a combined account into separate accounts or merge separate accounts into a combined account after I get started, what are the consequences?

If you combine multiple Lead Manager accounts into a single account, you will be left with only two free seats for the calendar year on the active account; the terminated accounts do not provide additional free seats to the combined account.  Any seats, however, that were paid for on multiple accounts can be transitioned to a unified account.

Once leads and lists are delivered into an existing Lead Manager account, they are not easily moved to another account.  Whether you combine or separate Lead Manager accounts, the process of moving leads from one account to another is very manual and often frustrating.  Making the right choice when you start your account, or quickly thereafter, is important.

How do I buy more seats?

Please note that each user license above the two free seats provided to you costs $25 per month, per seat. To add more seats to Lead Manager, complete the following steps:

  • Login to Lead Manager
  • Click on the Administration dropdown and select Subscription
  • If you do not have a payment method saved, click on the Update Payment Method hyperlink
  • Once a payment method is on file, click on the Increase User Licenses hyperlink
  • Update the total amount of user needed
    • This includes existing users and the users you are looking to add
  • Review the associated cost and select Purchase

How do I add a user?

The account administrator can add an active user for each seat they have purchased. Go to Administration > Manage Users > Add New Record. Enter the user’s information and give them a username and temporary password.

Can I assign a seat to my EFS partner in Lead Manager?


A member of my staff has left. How do I remove them from the system?

The account administrator can go to Administration > Manage Users to see their list of users. Select the pencil icon to edit the desired user and change their status to “Inactive”. You now can add another seat for a new active employee; there is no need to pay for an additional seat.

Which browsers can I use to access this tool?

Lead Manager will run the best on Google Chrome. You can also use Internet Explorer version 8 or newer and Firefox to run the platform.

Is Lead Manager mobile friendly?

Yes, you can access AllstateLeadManager.com from your phones and tablets; there is not an app for this tool so you will need to access the website in a browser on your phone or tablet. The site via mobile will not have the full functionality as it does when accessed from a desktop.

What reporting capabilities do I have?

To view user activity, there are many reports that are available to within Lead Manager as well. They are:

  • Live time updates which allow Administrators to stay in the loop on what is happening in the agency.
  • User Activity report which tallies total Actions entered and Milestones reached for a certain user over the course of a date range.
  • Lead Log History List report lists all history notes entered on leads during a date range, along with the lead's information, the user's name, and the date and time the note was added.
  • Milestones report lists all Milestones reached in a given date range. For each Milestone reached, elapsed time is measured, time the lead was at the Milestone, and time since the lead was at the Milestone.
  • Lead Snapshot report is meant to view a group of leads that are actively being worked to track progress. The report lists each lead, the assigned user, and the next appointment date, the last history entry created by user and system, and when the lead was created.
  • Account Status & Metrics shows you a snapshot of your data and how lead sources are performing.

How do I find reporting in Lead Manager?

Please review the following steps to access your reporting metrics in Lead Manager.

  • Visit www.allstateleadmanager.com
  • On the top menu bar, select Administration > Reporting
  • This will list all available metric and activity reports

What is Call Logic?

Call Logic is an Allstate approved automated dialing system that can be integrated with Lead Manager. You can find supporting videos in the video repository

Can I receive a Lead Manager training session?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a 1:1 training session, but you can visit the Lead Manager Resource Center to complete your journey-based education track. Additionally, you can attend live webinar sessions by visiting https://www.leadmgmtlab.com/education/webinars via the Lead Manager Resource Center. Please note that you and your staff can attend these trainings and are able to watch any videos available to you.

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How do I scrub the Leads for DNC? If a lead is DNC will you remove it from my queue?

Leads in Lead Manager will be scrubbed automatically; therefore, you do not have to scrub the leads yourself. Then Leads are scrubbed every 7 days to stay compliant with Allstate regulations. Allstate is scrubbing for do not call, do not email, and do not mail. A lead that is on a DNC, DNE, or DNM list will still be visible to you but will have an indicator of DNC, DNE, or DNM so that you know not to contact them via that method.

How long will scrubbing take?

All leads that are uploaded into the system are scrubbed against Allstate, Federal and our strategic party file. This process takes approximately 4-10 hours.

What is the ‘hygiene’ process?

Allstate appends additional information to leads when possible. Meaningful data is the additional information Allstate may know about a prospect that helps an agency have more insightful conversations with that prospect. Allstate obtains this information from various sources both internally and externally.

I have two leads that appear to be duplicates but did not merge. Why not? What are the rules for merging?

Leads will merge if they have the same first name, last name, and address. They will not merge if any of these fields do not exactly match. For example, William Jones and Bill Jones may be the same person, but they will not merge because they have different first names. Another example is if there is an extra character, like a space, in one of the names. Though the two names appear to be duplicates, the system will not merge them since they are not exactly the same.

Will customers be in Lead Manager?

Yes, any cross-sell lists that come from home office, Blueprint or your uploaded lists will be in your Lead Manager. Leads are flagged with a P or C indicating if they are a prospect or a current Allstate Customer.

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Leads and Lists

Where are the leads coming from?

Lead Manager is a platform for working your leads; it does not provide leads. You can add any leads into the platform that you want. Agency Unsold Quotes from My Work Items, Blueprint campaigns, National Campaigns and Centralized Lead Distribution offers are automatically added. You can also set up integrations with web providers to automatically add purchased internet leads to your account. Finally, you can upload lists (CSV files) or manually enter individual leads.

How do I suppress MWI leads from Lead Manager?

To suppress your MWI leads from entering your Lead Manager account, please send an email to LeadManager@allstate.com with this request. Please note, if you are a multi-location agent, identify all associated agent IDs that you wish to suppress your MWI leads.

Can I view the creative that was sent to a customer or prospect along with the lead information?

At this time, you will not see creative that was sent to any specific prospect in your Lead Manager account.

What is a [Lead Source] and where can I learn more about this lead?

We now have a Lead Source Lookup available to you within your Lead Manager Resource Center. Utilize this look up feature to learn more about the leads that could be loaded into your account from campaigns like triggers, recontacts, Blueprint, CLDP and more. You can find the leads in your account by navigating to Leads > Leads-All > All and you can filter by source.

Please note: this page is functional, but still under construction. We will continue to add lead names to the database as we evolve this work. If there is a lead source missing, please reply back to this email with that source, so we can get you the definition.

Can I upload leads into the tool? How long will it take to be in the system?

Yes, you have the ability to upload lists into the system or add a singular lead as well.  When uploading a list, the file should be in .CSV format with column headers (name, address, etc.) on row 1. Once leads are uploaded into the system they will be scrubbed for compliance. This process takes approximately 4-10 hours.

Where can I find the lists that I’ve uploaded?

First, be sure to add a custom import name when uploading. On the Leads > All page, you can navigate to Column options > Import Name > Save As Default Columns. Now Import Name will appear next to Source. If you click the down arrow on the column header, you can filter by Import Name which will allow you to see your uploaded list.

I imported a list, but after scrubbing some of the leads are missing. What happened?

First, check your recycle bin, the leads may be there. Another possibility is if the leads were customers and were scrubbed out. You can navigate to Leads > Leads Removed report for more information.

Will leads stay in my other tools?

Lead Manager will not affect your other tools.  Leads you have been working in those tools will stay there unless you choose to import them into the Lead Manager platform.

Can I export lists out of Lead Manager?

Some fields within Lead Manager can be exported; however, consumer Personally Identifiable Information is excluded from the exporting functionality.

Can I assign leads to people in my agency?

Yes, anyone with administrator rights on the account can assign leads to staff in your agency either automatically or manually. You can also unassign leads. For detailed information, check out our “Assigning Leads” document.

Can I see leads that are assigned to other users?

If you have Admin rights, you can see leads that are assigned to anyone on the platform. If you have User rights, you will only see leads that are assigned to you. For agencies that use the Shark Tank feature, users will also see unassigned leads in the Shark Tank.

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Working Leads

Why is it important to disposition when I work a Lead?

Dispositions help you to keep track of the activity that occurred with each lead. Quick Actions make this tracking easy. Dispositions help your workflows continue because anyone in the office can tell what has occurred with each lead.

What is an automated workflow? Do I have to use the recommended workflow? Can I stop the workflow? Can I make my own?

Automated workflows create a contact strategy based on triggers, filters and age of the lead. You do not have to use the recommended workflows. You can stop a workflow at any time by turning it off under Workflows in Lead Manager.  You can also design your own workflow and work with the Lead Manager customer service team to activate it in the system.

When I have finished working and dispositioning a lead what happens to the lead?

Dispositioning is recommended to keep an accurate history, or all the touch points you and your agency has taken with this consumer. If you have workflows turned on dispositioning allows the next action to take place. If you have your eAgent integration enabled on the My Company page, you may transfer the leads into eAgent by selecting the appropriate milestone. Alternatively, if you no longer plan to pursue contacting the lead you can move the lead to the recycle bin.

What do you mean by integrate with eAgent? If a lead moves to eAgent will it take my notes and dates?

Lead Manager is integrated with eAgent in two ways. If you have the integration turned on in your 'My Company' page, the lead and associated information will transfer to eAgent based on the milestone selected during set up.  Only the most recent note will transfer into the eAgent system. The second integration point is while dispositioning a lead in Lead Manager. When a lead is marked 'personalized proposal' users will be given the option to archive the lead. This is because Alliance sends leads to eAgent at the point of bind or personalized proposals and removing the lead from LM will avoid duplication.