Scrubbing & Compliance


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How do I scrub the Leads for DNC? If a lead is DNC will you remove it from my queue?

Leads in Lead Manager will be scrubbed automatically; therefore, you do not have to scrub the leads yourself. Then Leads are scrubbed every 7 days to stay compliant with Allstate regulations. Allstate is scrubbing for do not call, do not email, and do not mail. A lead that is on a DNC, DNE, or DNM list will still be visible to you but will have an indicator of DNC, DNE, or DNM so that you know not to contact them via that method.

How long will scrubbing take?

All leads that are uploaded into the system are scrubbed against Allstate, Federal and our strategic party file. This process takes approximately 4-10 hours.

What do you mean by hygiene?

Allstate appends additional information to leads when possible. Meaningful data is the additional information Allstate may know about a prospect that helps an agency have more insightful conversations with that prospect. Allstate obtains this information from various sources both internally and externally.

I imported a list, but after scrubbing some of the leads are missing. What happened?

First, check your recycle bin, the leads may be there. Another possibility is if the leads were customers and were scrubbed out. You can navigate to leads>leads removed report for more information.

Will customers be in Lead Manager?

Yes, any cross sell lists that come from home office, Blueprint or yourself will be in your Lead Manager. Leads are flagged with a P or C indicating if they are a prospect or a current Allstate Customer.

I have two leads that appear to be duplicates but did not merge. Why not? What are the rules for merging?

Leads will merge if they have the same first name, last name, and address. The will not merge if any of these fields do not exactly match. For example, William Jones and Bill Jones may be the same person, but they will not merge because they have different first names. Another example is if there is an extra character, like a space, in one of the names. Though the two names appear to be duplicates, the system will not merge them since they are not exactly the same.