Lead Manager cuts down time by scrubbing prospects and Allstate customers. I think you need to be careful when you add customers to the system. Overall, Lead Manager has been pretty good.

Stephanie Rodriguez, Agency Owner

Since Lead Manager integrates with web lead providers and provides us with a centralized platform for our leads, we have been able to increase our quote volume. Having everything in one place makes it much easier to reach out to them.

John Hawk's Agency

Lead Manager is a great tool to have. You can only benefit from having any kind of format where you can have all your leads together and create your schedule.

Jason Durica's Agency

I recommend using Lead Manager to other agents. This program is very helpful, especially if used the way it is supposed to be used. You can add status and milestones to each lead which helps you keep track of the progress made with any given prospecting lead.

The Batchelor Insurance Agency

When I got into the insurance industry 3 years ago I was lucky enough to be paired with a sales mentor who gave me an important piece of advice "Develop a strong follow up process and stick with it no matter what!"  Well... that's exactly what I've done and with the help of Lead Manager I've been able to streamline those processes and help both the staff and myself become more successful by closing more business!

William Swade’s Agency

I highly recommend this program to other agents. This program is very simple and is easy to set up.  Lead Manager has people on staff ready to walk you through the set up and are very friendly and fast to respond to any question you may have.   If a procedure is put into place, and followed through, the results come.  We are seeing it here in our office!

Ricky Walmsley’s Agency