Lead Manager takes six important components (sourcing, hygiene, compliance, scoring, workflows and analytics) of lead management and centralizes them in one platform. This program launched in June and we have agencies who have quickly become power users. Below is one our power user’s success story:

The Batchelor Insurance Agency has been part of the Lead Manager program since its launch in June. Carrie Batchelor owns this agency with two locations in Utah, Salt Lake City and Ogden. We had the opportunity to speak to Carrie and two of her team members: David Batchelor, a sales office manager in the Ogden office and Holly Linford, an office manager in the Salt Lake City office.

Holly and David use Lead Manager on a daily basis. Every morning, Holly checks the Lead Manager calendar to prepare for upcoming appointments. Then she reviews the leads assigned to her and starts working on the High priority leads by calling them directly. After she concludes each call, she prepares a quote and sends the prospect a Personalized Proposal the same day. At this point, Holly updates the status and/or milestone in Lead Manager to keep track of any activity done with a lead. 

David uses Lead Manager in a slightly different way. He adds all leads, including old prospects, to the system to centralize and better manage the sales process. He finds the priority (H/M/L) appended to the leads to be big benefit. In addition, David and his team enjoy the ability to view who is assigned each lead and any upcoming appointments for that day, week or month.  David mentioned these are two of his favorite features of Lead Manager. 

The one enhancement David and Holly expressed the need for is having a tool to manage their prospecting leads as well as cross sell campaigns. They both agreed this would simplify their lead management process. 

Overall, both locations have collectively quoted 250 prospect leads and written 36 policies using Lead Manager. 

"I recommend using Lead Manager to other agents. This program is very helpful, especially if used the way it is supposed to be used. You can add status and milestones to each lead which helps you keep track of the progress made with any given prospecting lead."

We are excited to hear Lead Manager is benefiting multiple agencies and we look forward to hearing your story. 


Holly Linford, Office Manager, The Batchelor Insurance Agency