Lead Manager takes six important components (sourcing, hygiene, compliance, scoring, workflows and analytics) of lead management and centralizes them in one platform. This program launched in June and we have agencies who have quickly become power users. Below is one our power user’s success story:

The staff in John Hawk’s agency had been using Blitz as part of their lead management process for a long time. When the agency was asked to participate in the Lead Manager pilot program they decided to take the challenge and started utilizing Lead Manager as their lead management tool.

Christina Roberts is a Senior Account Associate in John Hawk’s agency in Chatham, New Jersey. In an interview with Christina, she shared with us that the transition to Lead Manager was easy not only because of their experience with Blitz but the simplicity of the new system. Currently, there are two people in the agency using Lead Manager. Both individuals find the automated scrubbing process, that identifies which leads are on the Do Not Solicit list, to be a huge benefit of the program. Christina mentioned that this really helps them focus on their "plan of attack" on a lead, and has allowed them to be able to re-quote several of those leads. 

Below is Christina’s description of the agency’s plan of attack which illustrates how you can increase volume of quoting.

They log in to Lead Manager every morning to check if new prospect leads have been added to the account. New leads get automatically assigned to them by using the Round Robin Auto Assign group in Lead Manager. They work on new leads first, if any, followed by existing prospects. They prefer calling prospects if they are not on the Do Not Call (DNC) list. Otherwise, they send emails, if prospect is not on Do Not Email (DNE) list, and try to keep the conversation via email.

In the event that they cannot contact a prospect by phone or email, they send a letter with personal notes on it. Then they update their records in Lead Manager with follow-up activities to keep all leads organized. In some occasions, they export a lead list from Lead Manager and print it out to call prospects after office hours as well. 

The agency has quoted 288 prospect leads over the past two months by using Lead Manager and following a lead management process. Christina explains it better in her own words:

“Since Lead Manager integrates with web lead providers and provides us with a centralized platform for our leads, we have been able to increase our quote volume. Having everything in one place makes it much easier to reach out to them.”

At the end of the interview, Christina suggested adding a new Status/Milestone combination for prospects who wish to be removed completely from the requite process. We have heard this from other  agencies and our team is working on this and other enhancements. We look forward to releasing more enhancements and hear more success stories from all of our agencies. 



Christina Roberts, Senior Account Associate, John Hawk's Agency
Christina Roberts, Senior Account Associate, John Hawk's Agency