Lead Manager takes six important components (sourcing, hygiene, compliance, scoring, workflows and analytics) of lead management and centralizes them in one platform. This program launched in June and we have agencies who have quickly become power users. Below is one our power user’s success story:

Carrie Tassin is a sales producer & office manager for Ricky Walmsley’s agency in Slidell, Louisiana. Carrie has been using Lead Manager to manage every prospect lead sent to them including Blueprint and TaG. She shared with us that “it is nice to have one spot for all your leads and be able to take a snapshot and see what is being done with each one”.

Carrie also helped us understand how they incorporated the program into their agency’s lead management process(below). 

First, they send a “Call me” card to the prospect with a simple, handwritten message.  Then, a follow up is created to call the prospect. They follow-up with a call if the prospect is not on the Do Not Call (DNC) list or email if the prospect is not on Do Not Email (DNE) list.  If the prospect is on DNC and DNE, then a follow up is created for day 60 where another “Call me” card is sent. The lead is never removed from the agency’s prospecting list unless they are quoted or request to no longer be contacted. Once a quote is generated, the lead is moved to eAgent where the agency can nurture the relationship. Carrie mentioned that they have never had anyone request to be removed yet.  

The agency has quoted twelve prospect leads and written five policies in months using Lead Manager and following the above process.

Carrie explains it better in her own words:

“I highly recommend this program to other agents. This program is very simple and is easy to set up. Lead Manager has people on staff ready to walk you through the set up and are very friendly and fast to respond to any question you may have.   If a procedure is put into place, and followed through, the results come.  We are seeing it here in our office!”

We are excited that Ricky Walmsley’s agency has found a process to use Lead Manager to help them grow. We hope you also benefit from this program and help us build our future lead management strategy.


Carrie Tassin, Office Manager, Ricky Walmsley’s Agency