Lead Manager takes six important components (sourcing, hygiene, compliance, scoring, workflows and analytics) of lead management and centralizes them in one platform. This program launched in June and we have agencies who have quickly become power users. Below is one our power user’s success story:

The Lead Manager team has had the opportunity to partner with over one hundred agencies across the country to start and maintain an active program for over six months now. Throughout this time, additional agencies have joined the program including new Allstate agencies; one example being Stephanie Rodriguez’s agency who joined recently.

Stephanie is a new Allstate agency owner in Battle Creek, Michigan and joined the program when her agency opened in November 2016. In an interview with Stephanie, she shared with us that Lead Manager is the first lead management tool she has used and found it to be extremely user friendly. The agency’s staff uses Lead Manager as their main lead management tool, allowing both Licensed Sales Professionals and telemarketers to efficiently keep track of all reminders and follow-up activities. The tool has given the agency the ability to organize their lead management activities, lessen their paperwork and most importantly manage their time better. 

In addition, Lead Manager has improved agency efficiency by identifying prospects who are on the Do Not Solicit list. Otherwise, the agency staff would need to manually complete that process using the gateway tool. Besides this, Lead Manager removes any current Allstate customers from the system to maintain a pure prospecting list for the agency. Stephanie mentioned she and her staff find these processes very useful, but would like to see a notification anytime a current customer is removed from the system. This will allow them to request a refund for any purchased lead that is identified as a current Allstate customer. 

“Lead Manager cuts down time by scrubbing prospects and Allstate customers. I think you need to be careful when you add customers to the system. Overall, Lead Manager has been pretty good.” – Stephanie Rodriguez, Agency Owner

The enhancement suggested by Stephanie has been discussed with our team and all agreed to add it to our list of items to better the program. We look forward to expanding this program to more agencies and hearing more success stories from all of our agencies. 


Stephanie Rodriguez
Stephanie Rodriguez