Lead Manager takes six important components (sourcing, hygiene, compliance, scoring, workflows and analytics) of lead management and centralizes them in one platform. This program launched in June and we have agencies who have quickly become power users. Below is one our power user’s success story:

Andrew Wilson is a sales manager at William Swade’s agency in Perrysburg, Ohio. In an interview with Andrew he shared with us that the Lead Manager program presented them an opportunity to change their existing processes. They had been using Blitz since they opened and had a very specific follow up process for new prospecting leads. The agency decided to take the challenge and dive into the pilot program and as a result they improved their lead management process and their overall agency efficiency.

Shortly after the agency staff received education on the program, they quickly incorporated the tool into their processes. After being trained, the sales team utilized Lead Manager to automate their lead management processes for prospects through workflows. Since July 1st the agency has sent 6,118 emails and scheduled 10,419 follow up calls to prospecting leads following a 30-day schedule.

"When I got into the insurance industry 3 years ago I was lucky enough to be paired with a sales mentor who gave me an important piece of advice "Develop a strong follow up process and stick with it no matter what!"  Well... that's exactly what I've done and with the help of Lead Manager I've been able to streamline those processes and help both the staff and myself become more successful by closing more business!"

Lead Manager’s centralized platform allows the agency staff to know exactly how many prospecting leads they have, when they well be contacted and provides visibility into all touch points and to-dos through the day.

For this agency, Lead Manager is increasing efficiency, reducing stress for the sales team by automating existing processes and helping them with compliance by offering Do Not Solicit information. The Swade agency works leads based on the priority (high, medium and low) to better allocate their time when working on prospecting leads. 

Andrew is a power user of Lead Manager and encourages other agencies to use the system to automate and enhance any existing processes.


Andrew Wilson, Sales Manager, William Swade’s Agency